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Welcome to Many Amigos

The site is not yet transactional and so should be treated as “brochure-ware”. You can pre-register your interest in raising finance or investing. Your pre-registration will provide early access to this service when it comes online.

Personal crowd-funding is not something that people are used to – this really is unique. Both parties are aligned, in the goal of making more money than initially projected. Both parties to a Future Income Promise (FIP) are proportionally affected by positive and negative outcomes. This is possible because of the ongoing relationship each party has as “Amigos” – providing contacts and advice in addition to money.

It works on a foundation of “trust”, “integrity” and “reputation risk”. The philosophy being that people will not risk their reputation being damaged by acting without integrity.

Specifically Many Amigos provides transparency-tools and digital identification to validate any agreements made directly between “Amigos”. These are then viewable on each Amigo’s profile and on their linked social networks.

At regular intervals Amigos provide each other with ratings for Results and Reputation. Poor ratings effect your ability and good ratings enhance your ability to continue to find Amigos.

Many Amigos is an international-friendly platform for raising money for people that want to raise money. It’s an alternative way of investing money for people that want to invest.